Day 8: White Noise

A bit of climbing, some sun, a forest bushwhack, and a whole lot of white noise made for a tiring day. We spent the early afternoon sport climbing and the late afternoon searching for a lost crag. I learned that when the sun filters through trees and grass, turning browns golden, greens emerald, and the clouds pink, and the white noise is replaced by silence, the shackles of sarcasm fall from my crusty climbing companion giving birth to an unburdened youth. It’s fun, unexpected, and touching.

3 thoughts on “Day 8: White Noise

    1. Dear Gossip Girl, As you can imagine for such a fabulous honor, there is an extensive waiting list. We’re talking 6million, give or take a couple zeros. Luckily, Ceri is blessed with many scabs and abrasions coating her body. The ones currently available are a smaller but more tortured knee scab on the left leg and a constellation of ankle scabs that reopen every time Ceri gets on the rock wall. Please send your preference along with a $100 deposits to If your desired scab location is not available at this time, you can also put a deposit down for an area, and a scab in that location will be named after you as soon as a new one opens.


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