The blog began as a way for Ceri and Dante to let their parents know they were still alive as the two travelled and rock climbed across the Western United States during the summer of 2017. After the trip, Dante moved to New Haven to work at the Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design, and Ceri made the move north to work in the Alaska political sphere. Ceri continues to record her adventures on the blog. It remains to be seen if Dante will post again or if his blogging days are behind him.

Ceri and Dante
#AlwaysAscending #KeepAscending

This is Ceri! Ceri comes from a diverse background with many accomplishments in the domains of trapeze, dance, softball, kayaking, modeling, and film. She’s a crazy human being who tries really hard. This will ensure that the adventures are exciting and successful.

This is Dante! He builds race cars and rock climbs. At night he can’t sleep because images of cars going fast or big granite faces keep popping into his head. Hopefully he will get some shut-eye on this trip because he has some big objectives to accomplish!

Ceri and Dante use chalk from Alchemist Climbing and we think you should too! They gave us a great discount because we got so many A grades in school!