Day 3: Lions and tigers and bears (well, mostly the latter)

We had been laboring under the assumption that the bear crossing signs were just a formality, a reminder to drive the speed limit. Today we learned that this is not the case. There really are black bears on Mt. Lemmon. You’re probably thinking this realization came through a daring mano-a-mano combat in which Ceri singlehandedly wrestled the bear that was trying to maul Mico. Sadly (or maybe not sadly but certainly more boringly), this information was gained when Eva informed us that there are bears in the area. Since we had previously assumed neither bears nor serial killers resided in the area, we are now concerned the the presence of one makes the presence of the other more likely. Hence forth we will be sleeping in shifts. Let’s hope we get to make another post. 

4 thoughts on “Day 3: Lions and tigers and bears (well, mostly the latter)

  1. Ceri, you are lucky that you have only Mico as your oral hygiene conscience. I catch teeth brushing flack from both him and his sister. However from the literature the jury seems unclear about whether once or twice a day is better.

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  2. Ceri-

    As I recall, Mico’s father used to be an obsessive tooth brusher. My memory may be somewhat suspect, but I seem to recall as a kid that the family would be ready to leave to go somewhere and we would be waiting for Dante to finish brushing his teeth. I, too, am a once a day brusher and have suffered no ill effects…but I think the majority of the Archangeli family is hell-bent on frequent brushing. I don’t judge them, but like you, on occasion I, myself, have felt judged.

    Love the videos.



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